With his ability to effectively connect with and motivate audiences, Scott Habegger will energize your team and build them into marketing detectives. And what is a marketing detective? It’s someone who discovers customer insights by finding clues others have dismissed, misinterpreted, or didn’t see.

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Habegger’s presentation gets audiences to step away from their day-to-day business operations. Looking outward, he turns the focus to what’s most important to every company but is often relegated to the back burner—the customer. If you would like to reinforce your team’s commitment to your customers, or jump-start your team’s customer focus, Habegger’s thought-provoking presentation will put your team on the path to better fulfilling customer needs.

Audiences enthusiastically respond to Habegger’s down-to-earth presentation because it’s filled with real-world case studies they easily relate to. Audiences are rewarded with many tips and actions they can immediately implement to better understand their customers.

Many of today’s business executives depend on enormous sets of big data to help them make critical decisions about their products and services; yet Habegger teaches marketing detectives how to use the power of small data—the often one-on-one, personal interactions with customers—to create products that fulfill customer needs, and to develop marketing messages that resonate with consumers.

A marketing detective, seeking a competitive advantage, is looking for an insight not recognized by the competition. More specifically, they seek a Breakthrough Customer Insight (or shortened here to BCI). Don’t confuse this term with customer insights, which are helpful but unremarkable. Given the right data, anyone can discover a customer insight, but only marketing detectives can find BCIs.

While big data is certainly useful, it is less helpful to ascertain how customers feel about a product. Assumptions derived from big data can lead companies to falsely believe they have a deep customer understanding, when in fact that bond is superficial. Big data are often binary and antiseptic. Data lack emotion. But people don’t buy products strictly for functional benefits. They also buy them for emotional benefits—a fact that often gets lost in big data.

In response to this mismatch, Habegger champions the value of gaining insights about your customers through the power of small data. Great marketing detectives talk with customers, observe customers using their products, and interpret what customers tell them. The result? Breakthrough Customer Insights that cannot be found by sifting through large amounts of quantitative data. Harnessing the power of small data requires you to do more legwork than simply conducting research and reading through stacks of data. It demands that you 1) have a mindset and business process that always puts your customer at the forefront, 2) know how to find clues others don’t see, and 3) gain Breakthrough Customer Insights through exclusive interpretations of clues.

Habegger customizes each presentation based on the specific audience’s need, selecting the most relevant of his 15 Breakthrough Customer Insights. He also offers a full-day Marketing Detective Workshop (learn about the workshop in the Consulting section).